Since1987, we, Rotomatic Containers Pvt. Ltd. manufacture widest range of useful, attractive and high quality plastic molded products under ‘STOREWEL’ brand. The main categories are Rooft Tanks, Water Storage Tanks, Material / Garbage Handling Bins – Wheel Barrows and Agricultural Assortments, in combination with many other products.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Company have our Plant and Registered Office at Ambad, Nashik. Production amenities offered by our Work Shop include Rotomoulding/ Rotational molding Machines, Compounding Extruders, Pulverisers, Captive Tool Room and Fabrication Shop, Independent Quality Control and Equipped Testing Laboratory, Designing Services, Custom Molding Services, etc.


The products are manufactured with unique rotational molding technology with recent innovations and advances. The three stage process includes loading of polymer in the mould, heating and fusion of the polymer, cooling and unloading of the mould.

After the charged mould is moved into an Oven, the mould is generally rotated on two axes at low speed. The products produced are, therefore, seamless and virtually free from stress. The process also permits us to manufacture Multi-wall products.


Our products are approved by leading Institutions, namely, HAFFKINE, MERI, CIPET, IIP, BIS (ISI) etc.

We are also recipient of award from the Govt. of Maharashtra


Use environmental friendly raw materials and manufacturing processes. To participate in various Public Interest and Social Projects.

Quality Control

  • Tensile testing
  • Flexural testing
  • Carbon dispersion
  • Impact resistance
  • Drop testing


  • BMC
  • CPWD
  • MES
  • MAP
  • GSDA
  • ISI(BIS)


  • DGS&D
  • NSIC
  • ONGC

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