Introducing the newest addition to the Storewel product range – STOREWEL Biogas Plant. this is a prefabricated portable biogas plant which can be easily installed within 30 minutes with a few standard tools by your trusted plumber. STOREWEL Biogas Plant comes standard with accessories such as fabricated assembly, plumbing and piping material, slurry filter and a biogas stove.

We recognised the opportunity to help farmers make much better use of their available cow dung while helping reduce methane emissions into the environment at the same time. This is a unique solution which benefits all parties involved. Farmers can utilise this biogas plant to effectively change their cooking fuel from LPG to the generated biogas, thus reducing their costs. The biogas plant generates slurry which is filtered into solids and liquids. the solid remains can be used as manure, while the liquid remains can be used as nutrition for plants and crop. all produce is organic.

If you are a Non profit organisation, dairy, CSR wing of any company, or someone who works with farmers on a regular basis, you will realise the potential to improve the lives of farmers with biogas.

New models of the STOREWEL biogas plant with fresh design and capability to consume kitchen waste… coming soon!


  • Tanks made from high quality plastic material for maintenance free long life
  • Unibody construction without joints or welds made from latest rotational moulding technology
  • Tanks are leakproof and impervious to cracking over time or plant root penetration like cement, and damage from rodents
  • Lightweight compared to FRP, metal or cement plants – makes this plant portable and relocatable
  • No maintenance required!
  • All standard accessories are isi mark or equivalent
  • Superior carbon black material provides long term stability against UV rays
  • Easy onsite assembly using accessories provided in the package. No special tools required.
  • Best for cow dung and kitchen waste*
  • Standard accessories along with digester and gas holder – slurry inlet pipe with convenient feeder, slurry outlet pipe, gas inlet and outlet connections with valve, central guide with four point support and fittings, spring, moisture trap, biogas stove, slurry filter set
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