For your industrial needs, STOREWEL offers a wide range of Chemical storage tanks. These tanks are available in vertical, horizontal and conical bottom design to cater to a variety of industrial environments.

STOREWEL chemical tanks are manufactured with a basic minimum factor of safety to protect and safely store your valuable resources. For custom requirements or if you are not sure, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Be sure to ask for a chemical resistance chart before making any purchase decision.


Features Storewel tanks
Material quality & quantity
  • We work with our customers to identify the right material for the application, whether it be regular LLDPE, polypropelene, HDPE, imported LLDPE variants or others. Understanding the application, service conditions and life expectancy is crucial to manufacture a product which is fit for purpose.
  • Right material for the right application – LLDPE / HDPE / Polypropelene / Others
  • Understanding application, service conditions and life expectancy crucial to manufacture product which is fit for purpose
UV Protection
  • UV protection built into plastic for long and trouble-free outdoor life
  • Our unique UV stabilisers are sourced from the world’s best companies having decades of experience
  • Proven track record – 30 year old products are still in use!



Lid With Unique Locking System
  • Lid design keeps tank contents safe from dirt, dust, etc.
  • Heavy Duty Lid can withstand a person’s weight
  • Lid has same durable UV protection as tanks
  • Unique locking system prevents the Lid from being blown away and protects against theft
Manufacturing technology
  • Manufactured using latest rotational moulding technology
  • Rotational moulding technology is better than others for producing large, high quality products with low stresses and high durability
  • Only technology to have bis approval for use in manufacturing water storage tanks having the ISI mark
  • Unibody construction without any welds or joints


Cylindrical Tanks

Horizontal Tanks






50 – 10,000 litres

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