STOREWEL Roof tanks and Loft tanks are designed and manufactured to be a part of your home – once installed, they will last for generations. When you buy Storewel, you don’t just buy a water tank; you buy peace of mind.

Join the community that has enjoyed 35+ years of trust and reliability.


Features STOREWEL tanks Other brand tanks
Material quality & quantity
  • Prime grade virgin plastic raw material
  • Best quality rotomoulding grade plastic available in India
  • BIS approved plastic grade
  • No compromise for non ISI products – same prime grade virgin material used
  • Non ISI products significantly heavier than market standard
  • Cheap grades of plastic used
  • Often mixed with scrap / recycled material or filler material to boost weight
  • Up to 10 times less durable than STOREWEL tanks
  • Increased risk of tank damage during handling and due to UV rays in sunlight
  • Increased risk of contamination of water due to plastic degradation
  • Product weight and capacity is printed on each tank
  • No compromise for non ISI tanks – same volume capacity provided as ISI tanks
  • Installation instructions printed on tank as well as guarantee card
  • Actual weight and capacity is not printed or declared by manufacturer
  • Non ISI tanks have lower capacity than Storewel non ISI tanks
UV protection
  • UV protection built into plastic for long and trouble-free outdoor life
  • Our unique UV stabilisers are sourced from the world’s best companies having decades of experience
  • Proven track record – 30 year old products are still in use!
  • No additives or low proportion of additives used (reducing usage life)
  • Cheap & locally available materials with little to no quality checks
  • Our customers report that such tanks start to get damaged as early as 2-3 years after purchase
Lid With Unique Locking System
  • Lid design keeps tank contents safe from dirt, dust, etc.
  • Heavy Duty Lid can withstand a person’s weight
  • Lid has same durable UV protection as tanks
  • Unique locking system prevents the Lid from being blown away and protects against theft
  • Prone to getting loose over time
  • Easy for unauthorised persons to remove
  • Often made of inferior materials which do not protect against UV degradation
Manufacturing technology
  • Manufactured using latest rotational moulding technology
  • Rotational moulding technology is better than others for producing large, high quality products with low stresses and high durability
  • Only technology to have BIS approval for use in manufacturing water storage tanks having the ISI mark
  • Unibody construction without any welds or joints
  • Many manufacturers use blow moulding technology, which is more suitable for small products like water bottles
  • Blow moulding has inherent stresses due to high pressure. These stresses cause the product to fail when exposed to sunlight and adverse weather conditions
  • Many manufacturers use locally assembled machinery for rotational moulding, which hampers consistency and product quality
  • No fine print and no hidden conditions
  • Storewel guarantee is one you won’t need to use
  • Guarantee fine print often includes depreciation charts
  • Even free replacements involve the hassle of refitting the plumbing and movement of the tank


Roof Tanks

Loft Tanks

ISI Mark

BIS standard


2, 3, 4 layers

Care Plus



White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Terracota, Yellow, Black


50 – 10,000 litres

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