Inspired by ancient Indian tradition, the unique kalash offers an homage to our heritage. The STOREWEL Kalash will be a great addition to your bungalow, row house or penthouse and you can proudly claim to be ‘Dil se Indian’.


For your industrial needs, STOREWEL offers a wide range of chemical storage tanks. STOREWEL chemical tanks are available in vertical, horizontal and conical design.

STOREWEL chemical tanks are manufactured with a basic minimum factor of safety to protect and safely store your valuable resources. For custom requirements or if you are not sure, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Be sure to ask for a chemical resistance chart before making any purchase decision.


  • Made from prime grade virgin material
  • Fully UV stabilised for outdoor use
  • Safe and approved for water storage
  • Unique design cherishing our indian heritage
  • Manufactured using superior rotational moulding technology which ensures stress free production
  • Heavy duty unibody construction
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